Monday, February 19, 2007

Living with CRUD!!!

I, like hundreds of thousands of citizens, have been suffering from the CRUD. You know, the stuff that clogs your lungs, sinuses, eustachian tubes (they help you keep your balance by the way), and body aches. Well, I don't really have body aches...just arthritis.

I thought I had managed to dodge the bullet, but I started to get clogged up last week. Anyway, I spent my time and money going to the dr. to have him tell me he wasn't going to give me anything for lungs were not that congested.

I would have to agree, we do tend to take too much medication, especially antibiotics.

Moving on to more interesting topics, I just downloaded some cool music...some new...
1. The Guide; Bourne
2. Starlight; Muse
3. Girl; Beck
4. Fidelity; Regina Spektor

and some not so new:
5. Rocket Man; Elton John
6. Black Hole Sun; Soundgarden
7. Nothing Compares to You; Sinead O'Connor
8. Smells Like Teen Spirit; Nirvana

The ability to download music really is the greatest thing. It used to be that you had to buy the whole damn album or tape or CD and more than 50% of the songs were crap. With downloading, you only buy the music you like. You also have the opportunity to listen to obscure artists that you've never heard of before and discover some real jewels. More bang for your buck!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Linwood Cemetary to take some shots of the monuments. This cemetary has been around since 1828 (or something like that).

Here are some of the more interesting shots:

People spend lots of money immortalizing family members that are gone. Some of these monuments are very elaborate.

This one is especially pretty. She is missing a finger tho.

I was quite entranced by her. I wish I had wings : )

These next two shots tell quite a sad tale. Two families, two lost children, eight years apart.

And no parents beside them.

I wonder where they ended up?

This next monumuent was provided by the "Woodmen of the World". Quite the phallic symbol. A great big dick. I did not see the resemblance until I loaded it to this blog...don't turn me in ;)

Bye for now.

Friday, February 02, 2007


I wish I could have few weeks of Fridays. It would be nice to take some time for myself but I don't see that happening. I'm the Mom, I am not supposed to have time to myself. And it is too early in the year to start taking my vacation days.

I am still scanning family photos. And the end is in sight. I have about nine albums left. but the photos of Hawaii don't have to be scanned...they are already on CD!

To make my life easier, TOM bought me an external hard drive to storel all the photos, music, and important documents. 320 will definitely take a while to fill that up. I love it already. I could tell that my hard drive was getting slower. Can't have that.

Anyway, of my recent scans, these are some of my favs...taken 1979 and 1980. Sounds like a long time ago...

Chip and Dale

Sean, about 6 months old

Sean, about 6 months old

Sean, about 6 months old
Post post comment: I no longer wish my days (my life) away. I take each day and appreciate it for what it is.