Monday, December 28, 2009

Lady (12-28-2009)

Lady came to us as all of our animals do, by destiny not design. My youngest son was doing some community service at an animal shelter about 8 years ago and Lady was at the shelter. She was 6-8 weeks old. She had been abandoned and was found running down the middle of the road. She was dehydrated and starving.
On Saturday, we headed to the shelter to help any way we could and there she was in a puppy playpen in the yard. Her fur was glossy black and she was eager to please. We had lost Nova (another black lab) about 6 months earlier and Cricket really needed a playmate. However, I really did not want another dog. New dogs, especially puppies need so much work and time.
Both my son and husband wanted this little pup. She was sweet as could be, but I was darned if I was going to bring another dog home. As you can see, they won the battle. She house trained easily and was the sweetest dog ever. She loved playing catch; anytime day or night. She could run out about 30 feet and catch that ball : ) She was smarter than we gave her credit for.
Lady was a canine garbage disposal and I think that might have been the end of her. She was fine one day and sick the next. She went downhill fast and there was nothing we could do. Vet care for a sick animal is expensive, especially if they don't know the cause of the problem. We had to set a limit. Sadly, Lady left on her own time schedule, we were saved having to make that decision. She's now nestled under the squirrel tree with the ever present tennis ball.
We are better because of her. I hope we made her as happy as she made us.