Saturday, August 07, 2010

Bonding and Baking

While at work one day, I got a call from Jeremy:
J: Hi, Mom.
M: Hey, Jeremy, what's up?
J: I brought your cookbook to work with me today. I want to bake a cake.
M: Which one?
J: The one with the red cover.
M: OK. What kind of cake are you going to bake?
J: Not sure yet. I'll bring the cookbook home next week.
Instead of bringing home the cookbook, he brought home all the ingredients for the cake for us to bake over the weekend. Let me just say, this is the first ever from scratch cake I have ever made. It tasted fine, but it was a little flat. He took it to work and they even sold a few pieces to their customers.
It was nice to spend a few hours working on a project with my son. A few years ago, this would
have been a highly unlikely event. I guess we are all growing up.