Saturday, January 09, 2010

Is it cold where you live?

The answer to that, if you live in the US, is yes unless you live in portions of Cali. I have not been able to get outside to take any snaps for a week. Suffering a bit of withdrawal to tell the truth. Having said that, I am probably spending too much time on the computer working with the pictures. This weather imposed hiatus might be a good thing. I will say that my photography technique is improving, as well as my visualization and framimig.  I liked the look of this almost 'naked' tree against the white wall. I also find interesting the gray sqare. Not sure what it is, probably a patch.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

What's Next?

I tell you what, this has been the week from (almost) hell. First, we lose Lady. Then, the feeder hose for the ice maker springs a leak. Easy fix, but we didn't realize we had a leak until the hard wood floor in the living room was wet (saturated in some places).

We turn off the water and begin to work on drying the floor. The shop vac works pretty well to suck up the water and use the mop for the rest. We still have significant damage to the floor in one spot. I am sure the drywall was damaged as well.

We run to the local home store to purchae the replacement hose and install. When TOM turns the water back on, he discovers that the water shut off valve has sprung a leak (apparently a common occurence when turning the valve on or off for repairs). TOM cannot fix this becaue he does not have the right tools.
Did I hear you say plummer? And if you don't think I need to call a plumber, let me tell you about the $75 light switch : )