Wednesday, November 12, 2008


About18 months ago I decided to make some lifestyle changes. After a trip to the doc, I discovered that my blood sugar was elevated, I had high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. A family history of heart disease did not help matters. The results of these blood tests were the impetus to a healthier lifestyle. My first line of attack, looking for the easy way out, was to research gastric bypass surgery. Having gained alot of weight over the previous 10 years, I selected the Lap Band (I didn't want to disconnect anything and I wanted it to be reversable. Go figure.) My thinking was why diet and exercise when I can have surgery. I met with the bariatric surgeon and had the psycholigical testing. I was a good candidate for the surgery. I met all the surgical criteria with the exception of a 6 month supervised diet. Because of my elevated blood sugar, my insurance would pay for visits to a nutritionist in the form of diabetic diet counseling. I had quite an attitude on my first visit with her. This was just a formality for me, right? I planned to fail and have the surgery. What I didn't count on was my competivie nature. It would not let me fail. Somewhere along the line I figured out that I CAN LOSE WEIGHT ON MY OWN (with a little support from family and friends : )) I never had the surgery. I joined Weight Watchers for about 6 months. This particular program was not for me. I hated getting on the scale each week. It was very stressful. I felt like I was being lectured. And forced to buy the food. And the other products. I do like the WW website tho. It comes with an online food diary and oodles of really great recipes. And another thing, I discovered the JOY OF COOKING! Me, 48 years old, two sons and a husband and I never really cooked. I don't know how we all survived. There were times when I did not work and cooked more regularly, but for the most part everything we ate CAME OUT OF A BOX. Good food really is wonderful. And is good for you too. And good food doesn't need all day to cook. Some of my favorites can be whipped up in less than 30 minutes. Today, I am 40 lbs lighter. I eat right and exercise regularly. The weight loss has been relatively slow, but slow and steady wins the race, right? Which brings me to this treatise today. My weight loss has stalled. Negligible results for about 4 months now. I have a hard time motiviating myself to exercise. I am eating more junk food. I am slipping back into hold habits, and old habits die hard. I wanted to lose 50 lbs by my 50th b-day and I don't think I am going to make it. Now you might be thinking, "Hey, you've lost 40 pounds, that's great. Think where you would be if you hadn't started this journey". And you would be right. But each slip makes it harder and harder to get back on track. If you have ever struggled with your weight, you know what I am talking about. The ultimate goal of this post today is to pull me out of this slump. Take a look at the positive changes I have made in the last 18 months. This post is intended as positive reinforcement for ME! To remind myself that yes "I CAN DO THIS". I AM HEALTHIER. I LOOK BETTER. I FEEL BETTER. MY CONFIDENCE HAS SOARED. I AM LIVING MY BEST LIFE (to quote Oprah). And isn't that the point of all this? Where would I be if I hadn't made these changes? Heavier? Yes. Depressed? Yes. On medication? Yes. (Note: due to heredity, I have to control my cholesterol with meds, but my blood sugar is back to normal. At least I dodged that bullet.)
So, having laid it all on the line today, I will:


Eat smart

Remember the dollop method for the holidays

Remember how far I've come, not how far I have to go

Not beat myself up if I cheat a little

Like myself, whatever the package, because I am worth it

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am so tired. Of dieting. Of exercise. Of working. Of taking care of business. Of worrying about my kids, my parents, and TOM. Of the financial crisis. Of politicians. Of AIG bigwigs. Of W. Of the mortgage crisis. Of Wall Street. Of American auto makers. Of global warming. Of Christmas coming before Thanksgiving. Of the insurance industry. Of the pharmaceutical companies. Of Americans that can't afford health care. Of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Is there any good news out there?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Be Careful What You Ask For

Two short years ago I was lamenting the lack of services in our rural neighborhood. We had to drive to town for restaurants, grocery stores, and even gas. Since then, we've got McDonalds, numerous quick stops, and traffic, traffic, and more traffic. Of course, you can't have services unless you have people. Natural progression. But I miss the old days. A relaxing drive to work in the morning. An even more relaxing drive home in the evening. Now there is no relaxation involved...I just set the cruise control and get in the slow lane and let the rushing masses pass me by.